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NGO consultancy has a set of objectives and is directed by clearly specified objectives that keep it on track to accomplish its mission in ensuring reliable charity affairs.

Any non-governmental organization that plans to get help or monetary assistance is required to have a Foreign Contribution Policy Act (FCRA) certification. FCRA is a law that supervises external source funding made to non-profit companies in India. Consent needs to hence be sought from the national federal government prior to funds from foreign sources are funnelled into the company. This ensures that just legit firms run fundraising and prevents scammers from conducting manipulative businesses. The firm that intends to start getting funds from foreign sources should likewise have abided by the guidelines and policies that have actually been put by the government. Failure to follow the set standards and rules can result in the company being in the wrong arm of the law. A few of the guidelines as set out by the federal government include the requirement to have separate regional and foreign bank accounts. NGO consultancy is for that reason a big organization that likewise performs FCRA registration for other firms that may be interested to receive funding specifically from abroad along with deals advisory to companies on the set rules including the Act.

Rajiv Raj